Per Ardua ad Aquam

Inside this issue:

What would you expect an RAF pilot to do the moment he returned to Civvy Street? That's right - build a boat in his garage!
Tim Elliott and his wife Jackie live in West End, Northwold. They moved here in 1993. 'Tim was posted to RAF Marham,' Jackie says. 'We wanted to put roots down because we thought it was about time. And we thought wherever he was posted after that, I would stay here.' They disagree on the number of homes they've had since their marriage in 1969. Tim says 20 or 30 but Jackie says it's more like 10. Whatever the number, it was a lot. 'Jackie was a true camp follower,' says Tim, and they both laugh. That's something they do a lot
- laugh together.
After a spell of working in London as a secretary at the Egyptian Embassy, Jackie had returned to her native Lincolnshire and met Flying Officer Elliott of 27 Squadron at a party. Did Jackie intend to marry a dashing young pilot? 'No
- I'd rather have had a rich farmer - but they'd all gone by then'. And they both laugh again.
Tim was born in the aptly named Flete Castle, the countryseat of Lord Mildmay, in South Devon. Was he of an aristocratic background? 'No
- I don't even know much about the Mildmays. The castle had been made into a temporary maternity home during the war.' Later on Tim's parents moved to Hove, East Sussex and the young Elliott attended Brighton College.  'I got the flying bug when I was at school and we got some air flying experience as part of the CCF (Combined Cadet Force) activities All we did was fly a Chipmunk one circuit around, with an instructor, and bring it back in and land.'
He joined the RAF in 1963.  'There