'From that work I went up to Kinloss in the north of Scotland. This was at the time of the Falklands war. I spent a couple of months out in Ascension Island as an Operations Officer and that was my modest part in Galtieri's downfall. I was 3,500 miles from the nearest bullet.'
'I knew he wasn't in much danger where he was, but I can remember feeling very, very proud of all of them,' Jackie says. 'A few years before Tim had given me a little brooch of gold pilot's wings, and I remember wearing them and thinking proudly, yes, my old chap's involved in this.'
Tim did actually visit the Falklands some time later, while he was flying the Nimrod.
'But, finally, I flew the photographic reconnaissance Canberra which was a different aeroplane all together. Although it was a Canberra, it was much more modern with a much more powerful system and more modern and powerful engines and different internal systems. I was Captain of the crew. Photographic reconnaissance is a very interesting job, I would say. That was the job I'd wanted to do. I'd wanted to fly this aeroplane since 1970 when I first saw it. In the end we even got involved

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