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Committee and The Questors will officially close. However as a last act it has been decided that a small plaque marking the fact that part of Northwold is a Conservation area will be placed on the village sign. After the cost has been met there will be some credit balance left.
Former members of these two organisations have agreed that the monies can go towards supporting a new group and grateful thanks to them.
Naturally, apart maybe from a few outings, the meetings will be held in the Village Hall but there are many other decisions yet to be made. As well as the name and the form the meetings will take there will be the day, time and frequency...and who gets the chairs out and puts them away (yes, I've been there before). My greatest wish is that groups in the village can co-operate.
Mr Ken Cookson has film of Carnivals of Yesteryear and I wonder could not the new group and the PTFA co-operate to show these films? What about a talk on "Preparing for the Show Bench" with the Produce Show in mind.
Please give your ideas about just what you want to hear about. Have you a Speaker to recommend? (It is my belief a good speaker can make any subject interesting.)
It's over to you; please have you say. Notes through the letter boxes of 21 Church Lane or 90 West End or catch me sometime for a chat.

Pam Eyles

p.s. Perhaps I should explain how I find myself in this position.
As a Village Representative on the Village Hall Trustees, one who helped with the survey for future use of the Hall and as one of the signatories to the money of the Questors Group it seems to have fallen to me to act as midwife to this proposed new group. It is my sincere wish to witness a successful birth in due course.

Inside this issue:

Parish Council
Northwold Cemetery fees have been unchanged for 20 years, but are now to be increased in line with surrounding villages.
The visit of the Foolhardy Folk Circus was a great success.
All the jubilee mugs have been distributed.
One of our local idiots has set fire to the waste paper bank in the Hall yard. Vandalism at the two footbridges was also reported.
Councillors were concerned about an application for extraction of peat to continue at the nature reserve behind Watermill Farm for another four years.
Work to improve the flow in the River Wissey at Colveston has been completed, but damage to the Common Drove footbridge caused by flooding has still not been repaired.
The Council will overspend this year, consequently next year's precept must be increased.

Forget-me-not Club
The last meeting took the form of a party to celebrate Rita Ellis's 90th birthday.

Jim Booty

Northwold Care Group (N.C.G.)
The Annual Meeting of the N.C.G. will be held after the lunch club at the Village Hall on Monday,11th November at 1.10 p m - and OPEN TO ALL.
Whilst you will be kept up with our news should you read our Annual Report in next months
Village Life you will have missed the chance to ask questions or to put forward any ideas you may have for village care needs that you feel

have not been considered.
Jim Booty is in sole charge of Home Nursing Aids and is Co-ordinator for the Community Car Scheme - telling us drivers where to go - but it is the lunch club that more concerns me. Over the last two years we have gone from 24 attending to 16 and I wonder are there now fewer people who would enjoy getting out of the house for a meal - even though it is only once a month?
Remember transport can be arranged if you need it. A two-course meal followed by coffee or tea is provided for a cost of 2 - and if the volunteer cooks have not been too extravagant with their purchases we usually manage a free lunch in December.
Any prospective customers can phone Joan Gains, preferable five days in advance, on XXXXXX.
The volunteer drivers are invited to the December lunch as a way of expressing our appreciation for their help throughout the year. Their lunch is paid for out of the General Fund. The cooks would appreciate the drivers to answer their invitation in good time too. One year we bought and cooked meals for several who did not attend - we do not wish to waste food nor time, please.

Pam Eyles (one of the cooks)

Village Hall
Readers are invited to make suggestions for a name for new club to be formed in the village.
Following the village survey when twenty-seven replies indicated support for "talks and lectures" plans are now afoot for these wishes to be fulfilled.
There are two organisations that have been in abeyance for some time. It is now proposed both the Conservation