day. This boy called David from another school was chosen. We were all put in groups. My friend Alex and I were in Jesus Group and my friends Cameron and Rebekah were Catherine Group. My group had to walk around and find pictures to go with Jesus' life. Afterwards we sat down and listened to the interviewers interview the High Sheriff. At 12.00 noon that finished and we had lunch. We all went to find some new signatures and only found one. Then we looked at a drama show. From our school Barry did it and we sang a few hymns and got on the bus and went home.

Rachael Booty


On Tuesday 8th October I went to Ely Cathedral. Holly and Amber carried the school banner. First we had to collect school saint names on a piece of paper in alphabetical order. I went around with Holly and Dannielle and then Lauren. Our Saint name was Tuda. When the bell rang we had to sit down with our school.
A boy was dressed up as the bishop for the day. After that we had to follow a person that had a sign in their hand, which was your group's name. I was Dean Peacock but I was all by myself so Mrs Watts let me into Amber's, Dannielle's and Holly's group. We were grouped up in three groups A, B, C. Amber was in A, Dannielle in B and Holly and I were in C. All these groups had to read a story about a girl who lived in Ely; she was a princess but did not want to be. When she died nobody

found her body except the hand. The hand is in a museum now. When she died Henry V111 made her something that had jewels and marble on it. It is shaped like a house. We made one with jewels.
Then we went to the Octagon (the middle) and sang some songs. Barry also took part in a play with other children in front of about 800 people. At the end we got more saint names, I finally got all of them.
I really enjoyed the day.

Athena Graham


It was quite cold in the Cathedral as we were sitting on stone floors. As we started to sing the organ began to play. It was so loud that my ears were going to pop. At the end of the day we were all tired so we just sat on the bus quietly as we were going home.

I enjoyed the day and thought it was better than last year.

Amber Taylor


We took with us a packed lunch and a coat or cushion to sit onI was in Jesus Group and I was with Rachel. Our task was to find something about Jesus in a painting, in metal, in wood and glass. We found Jesus on the cross in glass and wood and we found Jesus' birth in a painting and a statue of when Jesus arose from the dead and Mary spotted him.

Alexander Shorthose

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Every year in October Class 3 attends one of the Ely Cathedral School's days. We meet up with schools from all over the Ely Diocese. During the day there are several opportunities for our children to meet other children and see the Bishop. There is always a theme that is followed through in the various workshops the children take part in and a service is held before we leave. 
The theme this year was famous people connected with the Cathedral. I'll let some of the children tell you the rest. The children in Years 5 & 6 were asked for homework to write a report for the Village Life.

Chris Watts


On Tuesday 8th October my Class went to Ely Cathedral. It was fun; we got off the bus and walked to the Cathedral. When we got in we went to our school base and settled down. We got a sheet of paper, a pen and a clipboard. There were twenty other schools that went. We had to walk around the Cathedral to get school saint signatures. Five minutes later we were called back. We sat down and were told who was bishop for the