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The end of the first half term of the year is looming large on the horizon, we have had a wonderful start to the year and look forward to the next half term.
Sports Equipment vouchers
I would like say a big thank you to everyone who sent in the EPD Sports Equipment vouchers. Unfortunately we did not collect enough to enter so we passed the vouchers on to Methwold High. I am sure you will have read in the EPD that they were successful in winning the prize for this region. Well done Methwold High!

Marion Dawe

Fitness Morning
I enjoyed the non-stop ball skills. I also liked the dance. I didn't like the exercise group as much as the others.
Some people won prizes of fruit baskets.

Callum Peate, year five

Fitness Morning
On Tuesday 7th October the school held a fitness morning. Parents were invited to come and join in.
There was country dancing and non-stop ball. It was great fun and there was lots of laughter and enjoyment in the school.

Victoria Lavender, year four

Our visit to Ely Cathedral
On this trip we went by bus and when we got there we went into groups. We had to find a symbol, an animal and write it on our sheet. We had to ask people from other schools.

The end of September was a highlight for me as we celebrated Harvest Festival in St Andrew's Church. We were joined at the service by the pre-school group, the tots group, and other members of the community. It was a lovely occasion, with the church looking splendid. The children enjoyed leaving their gifts and have been learning the importance of thanking God for the harvest as well as thinking of others.
Our thanks to Mr. Harry Everett who allowed class one to explore his allotment and brought his vintage tractor in to school.
On the fourth of October we supported the Jeans for Genes charity all wearing denim for the day and were able to send 58.10 contribute to research into genetic disorders. Thank you everyone.
On the 6th October we began our Healthy Eating Week. The children were able to buy healthy snacks at break time and were expertly served by members of the school council.
On the 7th October we had a fitness morning. Thank you to all parents who joined us for that. It was such a success that we hope to do more of these special events in the future.
This week class three have been to Ely Cathedral for the schools day. It was an excellent day  (I will leave it to one or two of the children to explain what they did).

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