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Cromwell purportedly stabled his cavalry there during his siege of King's Lynn!)
The contribution we in Wretton have been asked to make as Parish Share this year is 3,225.   We have so far contributed 600 and do not expect to be able to contribute any more.   Any suggestion that we are being in any way cheated or short-changed is really way off beam. The actual annual cost of a priest is currently about 30,000 (stipend, pension, housing and employers' National Insurance Contributions included) - so we are 'buying' just over 7 days worth of a priest's time in a year. Any more than that is missionary contribution to us by Churches elsewhere in the Diocese.
I have talked at length about Wretton Church. Whittington Church also suffers from the problems of having a small active congregation and a related small income. It also needs to work on its fabric and is currently in the middle of a campaign to raise funds for restoration. But I cannot use this space to go into that as well.
I am not asking non churchgoers for money. However, if villagers wish to see their Village Churches alive and well and to be able to use them as a community resources, then they have to ask if four or five churchgoers can be expected to continue to meet to meet the costs on their own. I repeat, I am not asking for money for our Churches in Wretton and Whittington. But, if anyone wants to contribute to the cost of the maintenance of the Church, they can most helpfully do so by contacting me about making available a regular monthly amount (however small - 100 monthly payments of 5 are far more

valuable than two or three isolated gifts of 100, welcome as they are).   If they are taxpayers they can make this Gift Aid, and get Mr Brown to contribute a further 28% over and above their contribution. Also, if they wish to preserve the building, but are not interested in the general work of the Church, they can ask that any contributions be reserved for expenditure on the fabric of the Church only. If I do not answer the phone (because I travel a lot in my work), please just leave a name and phone number and I will get back to you.
I am reminded of something I read on the Internet this morning: It's the story of the local pastor, who announced in Church one Sunday that he had
"some Good News and some Bad News".
"The Good News is that we have enough money for our new building programme. The Bad News is that it is still out there in your pockets!"

Keith MacLeod

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