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his is one of the most genuine and sincere men you could wish to meet and, a total professional. His down-to-earth but sensitive common sense has hand-held us through some dreadfully hard days. He really has blown us all away and we can't thank him enough.
We'd like to extend a big Thank You to Jim Booty who was not only there when 'the alarm was raised' but stayed with my Mum and I until he was assured there was nothing more he could do to assist. We really do appreciate everything you did for us that morning.
Thanks should also go to Janice and the team of Carers who'd looked-in on Nan since she moved into School Lane. Perhaps I shouldn't say but, Nan was especially fond of Betty and Margaret and I know she's like me to send them special Thanks as well.
Finally, we'd like to say Thanks to our tue Friends who have been great comfort and strength (you know who you are) as well as to everyone who has sent us cards or who've stopped us to offer their condolences and share fond memories…too many of you to name.
Thank you, all.
Kindest regards,

Lisa Preston, Little London
Village Life are sorry to report that one of Grace's carers, Betty Cubiak of Mundford passed away suddenly on Sunday 21st September.

I sat thinking, as one does from time to time, reflecting on life itself and as I am pretty long in the tooth I have a fair amount to reflect on. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all follow spiritually one universal route just be members of one Brotherhood, Sisterhood, Peoplehood call it what you will.

At some time we pass over spiritually so to speak, I don't see why there should be any favouritism for one person more than another. I know many who say they are atheists, but they are kind, caring and loving people and I know when they "die" they will go to spirit like the rest of us. Perhaps it will be a surprise to them, but no doubt it will bring a smile.
I hope I haven't stepped on too many toes. Yes I do understand that people have their own beliefs and if it gives them comfort and peace of mind and they are following their path with love and kindness who am I to argue. I can only but respect them.
In this life we must follow the path that is right for us.
No-one is perfect, we all know that, and the older I become the more I realise how little I know, so at least I have learned one small lesson. We all know right from wrong and we are all equal whatever our gender. I understand that when we do go our characteristics go with us. Now that is food for thought.
Love, Light, Peace and a smile to you all.

Eileen Cooper
Northwold Spiritualist Group.

As you are probably aware, due to retirement, we are closing the shop on 1st November and would like to thank you all for your valued support and custom. We are indeed sorry to be calling it a day after 31 years.
Kind regards,

Margaret & Tony
Kings Head Hardware, Mundford

P.S. Special thanks to Michael Parfitt for taking our leaflets to all the surrounding villages over the years and also to Florrie for letting him!

In May 2003 I decided to fulfil a long-held dream, using an unexpected legacy, to install Solar Water heating. I knew that the savings were small and unlikely to repay the installation costs.
I used Smart Energy UK Ltd. The experience was unpleasant, I found.
Appointments were made at short notice, then cancelled and changed at even shorter notice, or simply not kept. The system was finally in place on July 15th. I am now waiting for assessment of the remedial work required to make it function properly and safely.
Others may well fare better but I would advise you not to take the risk.

Janet Burns, Whittington
I know of someone else who attempted to use this supplier for a system and found them both overpriced and difficult to deal with. Ed.

Dear Editor,
Since I was a small child I've always thought that Northwold was particularly good at "churning out lovely little old ladies". I'm especially proud (and biased) to say my Nan was one of the sweetest. Sadly, on 5th September 2003 my dear old Nan, Winifred Evans (better known to you all as 'Grace') died suddenly at home, aged 90.
On behalf of my family I would like to say a special Thank You to Philip Bowers for all his help and support. It's been a great comfort knowing that Nan was being looked after at the end exactly as we - and she - wished. I've known Philip for an incredibly long time but, for those of you who don't know him,

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