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Halloween Quiz Night
Saturday, 25th October, Whittington Church. 7.30pm. Buffet and mulled wine INCLUDED in the entrance fee of 4. 50/50 raffle, pre-order buffet on 500591, 500714 or 728320.
25 Years
Congratulations and best wishes to the Village Pump on it's 25th Birthday. We look forward to the next 25 years.
Balloon Race
The winner of the Whittington Balloon Race held on September 6th was Simon Davis of Thetford.
Unfortunately no tickets were returned and a draw was held. This was a rather disappointing result.
Organ Marathon
On Saturday 27th September we held an all day organ marathon in

Whittington church which was an outstanding success. It was lovely to hear the organ being played in such a variety of styles. The organists who played between 10am & 6pm for about an hour each were Rev David Kightley, Ian Smith, Amy Mack, Dr Ian Mack, Christian & Bob Howes, Cate Markwell, and Chris Young; people could come and go all day as they wished just to enjoy the music with some lovely refreshments. We raised a tremendous 500.00 for the restoration fund, for which we are very grateful.
A very big thank you to all the organists who played magnificently all day, also we must thank everyone who came and supported the event and anyone who donated refreshments or helped in any way.

Thank you from the Whittington Events Committee.

Unfortunately I received a complaint about the cover story in September's Village Life.
A young man called Harry Cater, (aged 3, of St. Andrew's Close) complained that the picture we used to illustrate the "
Wey-hey, we're the Monkeys" story was in fact NOT a monkey (his mother also queried the accuracy of it's anatomy?).
So, Harry, just to keep the peace with you (and yer Mom), here's a selection of other pictures from my PC and
you can choose which is a monkey!

P.S. Apologies for the late arrival of Village Life - must get rid of that day job!

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