Seven on a

Phillip, Tony, Michael, John, Kevin, Helen and Graham are siblings. The first five are Warings and the last two are Osbournes and their much-loved mother is Margaret Osbourne. Margaret was born in Methwold in March 1931. 'I'm one of twins, Margaret and May and I had twins sons, Tony and Michael and I'm now married to Rex twin with Ray. We kept our fingers crossed when I had Helen and Graham - they could have been quads.'
By the time Margaret was only 26 she had five children under five and her husband had abandoned her. She had been hospitalised for some time during the birth of Kevin and her older sons were taken into care by the Red Cross. As soon as she was stronger and out of hospital she did everything she could to get her family back together again.
'I had me mum and dad then and they helped me no end. I managed to rent a little house in Northwold, at Cross Hill. It was so lovely to have my kids home. We got it furnished with bits and pieces from other people, you know, and everybody dug deep. There was a man at Brandon and he had a second hand shop and I think a lot of my stuff came from there as well.' She then pointed to an immaculate, brand new looking three-piece suite in her Glebe Close sitting room. 'This was the first new three piece suite I ever had, and I've had that - what - fifteen years now I think.' At this point there is a small interruption as Rex shouts from the kitchen that Margaret has nearly boiled the beetroots dry. While they

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