With all this lovely warm weather we are having there has been an increase in opportunist burglaries occurring throughout West Norfolk.
Burglars are taking advantage of open doors and windows to relieve you of your possessions. It only takes them a few seconds to enter your property whilst you're in your garden or upstairs. If want to leave windows open for fresh air either lock it in an open position or fit a simple but effective window alarm. We recommend that you never leave your front door or back door open (even when you are in).

Also, there have been reports of callers at the door who are claiming to be carrying out surveys on behalf of the government, checking to find out how your local council is performing. If you are approached, don't let them into your property and inform the police immediately 01553 691211.
For further information regarding window alarms please contact us on 01553 776447

Warning of more
Bogus callers…

It has been reported that a middle aged woman smartly dressed in a suit has been calling on people and asking to use the telephone because

retirement. So it seemed odd for him to choose as the subject of his "lavatory joke" someone, who like himself has given years of good-tempered service to the public.
Or is it that, as an outstanding actor and producer, he just could
not resist taking the (literary) stage, saying to himself (with Dryden);
"And if I laugh at every mortal thing 'tis that I may not weep!"
Far be it from me to attempt to upstage the Vicar (God forbid!) but as a parting gesture I offer the following (and final!) quote:-
"For when the One Great Scorer comes to write against your name,
He marks - not what you won or lost, but how you played the game!"
Yours truly,

Alison Lynch

Northwold PTFA
Carnival 2003
Is there anybody out there that can help?
We are trying to put together a list of all the previous Carnival Queens. It would nice to have them all attend next year's 25th carnival. So,

  • Do you know who some of them were?
  • Do you know were they are now?
  • Can you contact them?
If you'd rather, just pass on the information on to D. Durrance, the School or myself. Your help would be very appreciated.
Looking through some of the records 1989 was a very good year as far as the procession went. I would like to challenge all the associations out there to better the record for floats attending the parade. That year a massive 22 attended.

Roger Preston

Dear Sir,
What a charming and amusing article appeared in "Village Life" this month on the subject of our former Member of the Constabulary.
In the same issue we read of two further triumphs - namely, that he and his wife were judged winners of this year's "Scarecrow" contest, and that Michael Parfitt had been elected "Deputy Editor". We are now looking forward to a lot more wit and wisdom from him.
Toni's article revealed all the tiresome duties and humble rewards that go with the job; in short, that a Policeman's lot is not a happy one! We greatly enjoyed reading of his progress from boyhood to

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