Harvest Service will be at 11 am on Friday September, 20th.

to Mrs Iris Simpson

After the Harvest Festival Service on Sunday 22nd September we shall be saying a formal  "Farewell " to Iris before she leaves Northwold to live in Kent. We extend a warm welcome to everyone to join us on this special occasion.

Harvest Concert
Saturday, September 21st
7.30 pm at the Church
Talent of all ages will feature in the Concert with a variety of entertainment from local performers, followed by light refreshments. This is part of our celebration of Harvest - Tide, which

will be continued on Sunday 22nd September by our Traditional Harvest Festival Service, at 11 am. Do join us for both Concert and Service! Admission to the Concert is by programme ( 2 adults, Children free ) available from Brenda at xx West End, Jane at xx West End or The Post Office. The Children's

Herbert's Headbanger

Solution No. 12

The diagram should be self-evident, if these new editors can handle their new fangled gadgets. Last month they showed the Swiss Cross as black on a white ground, whereas of course it's white on a red ground.
Having made the first cut x - x, any second cut parallel to y - y will do. You may amuse yourselves by seeing that any two cuts parallel to x - x and y - y will do within certain limits.


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