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It takes me about 5 minutes to persuade them to each take an end in their mouths and then they spend about 15 seconds playing tug before they both drop the pull.
Million-dollar question - am I training them or are they training me? Bonnie is fascinated by anything being wafted around by the breeze, whether it is leaves, butterflies, moths or bees. An early excursion into the garden saw her dancing after a cabbage white butterfly - straight towards the garden pond. I got to her just as she put her first paw onto the netting; I'm sure she would have just carried on if I hadn't grabbed her around the middle. Our major headache at the moment is that she really doesn't travel well in the car. I tried taking her into the village the other day and had to stop once on the way there and once on the way back to sort her out. Hopefully she will soon get over any nerves and realise that cars are good places to be because it means you visit exciting places; otherwise she will have to spend more time in kennels than I would like.
Bonnie and I will be starting training classes at the beginning of next month so I will let you know how we get on. Until then, cheerio and take care.

Rita Nickles

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