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Nanaimo, Canada
Jean Oliver

I have just been reading the June issue of Northwold Village Life [www.northwold.net] and got a chuckle out of the ad for Bell Ringers. Have they tried offering them wine and beer as payment. Worked great in the 17 and 18 hundreds. I have also noticed a few names that are the same ones
mentioned in Parish Chest a few hundred years ago. I guess some people just don't like change and stay in Northwold.
 Someone from the paper should really check out the Parish Chest it is great reading. [www.genealogy.doun.org/transcriptions]
I have written a few ramblings about it and sent to my Norfolk Mailing list. They seemed to have enjoyed reading about the past.
I have wondered if they are still repairing the Diddlington bridge and have finally gotten rid of the sparrows and hedgehogs? Anyway some of the people in Northwold might find it interesting to see their ancestors mentioned.
Summer has finally come to Nanaimo, with a bang, starting to miss some of that rain we had. Just can't please some people eh!
 I noticed in the May issue of your paper it warned people not to go to Canada and China.
Well Canada is a big country and that is back east. The western provinces are fine, B.C. Alberta and Saskatchewan in you like really flat land.  They found one mad cow over a month ago and you would think the whole country was infected. They have traced this one cows heritage back (almost like

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