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Produce Show - Results

Wine Mrs Riches
Mystery Photo Mrs V. Lynch Mrs Bunyan T. Shephard
Child's Jumper Mrs Hodges Mrs Everett Mrs P. Eyles
Cross Stitch Mrs C. Smith Miss Everett Mrs Bunyan
Embroidery Mrs Bunyan Mrs Lynch Mrs Everett
Piece of Craft Mrs F. Eyles Mrs P. Eyles Mrs Everett
Teenage Art Miss Turver
School Art Class 1 Rebecca Katie Tommy
School Art Class 2 J. Whiting A. Tyler L. Fisk
School Art Class 3 J. Smith T. Woods C. Smith
Pre School Kalie Madeline Evie
Tots I. Whiting E. Wortley C. Mantle
Fancly Buns V. Lavender A.Ward
Sticky Blobs A. Ward V. Lavender
Animal from Veg H. Day D. Ancliff E. Lavender
Sunflower Tallest J. Whiting E. Lavender V. Lavender
Sunflower head A. Whiting E. Lavender V. Lavender

After the presentations, any remaining produce was auctioned for show funds.

Northwold's annual produce Show was held in the Village hall, with some excellent entries, particularly in the flower section, and several new people entering.

Results:- 1st 2nd 3rd
White Potatoes R. Osborne J. Cooper F. Everett
Coloured Potatoes J. Cooper R. Akers L. Wales
Shallots F. Everett Mrs Hodges R. Osborne
Onions R. Osborne F. Everett
Onions from sets Mrs Hodges R. Osborne R. Akers
Runner Beans R. Osborne
Beetroot R. Akers J. Cooper R. Osborne
Short Carrots J. Cooper R. Osborne J. Ayres
Long Carrots R. Osborne F. Everett J. Ayres
Parsnips R. Osborne J. Cooper J. Ayres
Courgettes Mrs Haye
Marrow F. Everett J. Cooper J. Lingard
Cabbage R. Osborne
Individual vegetable R. Akers
Cucumber Mrs Hodges R. Osborne J. Cooper
Tomatoes Mrs Hodges Mrs Riches Mrs F. Eyles
Cooking Apples Mrs P. Eyles J. Ayres Mrs Clear
Dessert Apples J. Cooper Mrs Clear Mrs P. Eyles
Pears Mrs P. Eyles J. Cooper Mrs G. Day
Plums L. Bond J. Cooper J. Haylock
Fruit Collection J. Cooper
Vegetable collection J. Cooper J. Ayres Mrs Haye
Dahlias J. Haylock Miss Crisp Mrs Haye
Gladioli R. Akers
Asters R. Osborne Mrs Hodges J. Cooper
Chrysanths F. Everett
Roses Mrs Clear
Spray Chrysanths F. Everett R. Osborne J. Haylock
Individual Bloom J. Haylock Mrs Riches Miss Crisp
Gravy Boat Arr Mrs Elliot Mrs Akers Mrs Darlow
House Plant Mrs Lynch
Large Arrangement Mrs Lynch Mrs Ayres Mrs Darlow
Tallest Sunflower L. Lavender
Sunflower Head L. Lavender
Orange Cake Mrs C. Cater Mrs Riches Mrs Booty
Sponge Drops Mrs Langley Mrs Cater Mrs Booty
Sponge Mrs Booty Mrs Riches Mrs Langley
Scones Mrs Langley Mrs Cater Mrs Riches
Coconut Tartlets Mrs W. Lavender Mrs Riches Mrs Langley
Shortbread Mrs Riches Mrs Langley Mrs Akers
Apple Turnover Mrs Riches Mrs Cater Mrs Langley
Sausage Rolls Mrs lavender Mrs Riches Mrs Booty
Cornish Pasty Mrs Lavender Mrs Cater Mrs Riches
Soft Fruit Jam Mrs P. Eyles Mrs Booty Mrs Clear
Other Jam Mrs Booty Mrs Clear Mrs Lavender
Jelly Mrs Eyles Mrs Booty Mrs Cater

Dahlias, Chrysanths and Asters

Parsnips and Carrots

Hod Everett auctions much of the prize-winning produce in aid of show funds.
(In a rare moment, John Haylock is captured in the background parting with money!)

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