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Age Concern, Norfolk

Can you spare a few hours a week to volunteer for Money Matters?

Money Matters helps people to manage their personal finances so they are able to keep their freedom and independence for as long as possible.
Volunteers can help with the day-to-day management of finances and help people to keep control of their money.
Do you have some basic experience of handling household finances and can you spare some time to help people stay independent?
We especially need extra volunteers in the West Norfolk area.
For more information, contact:

Elizabeth Burrows
Tel. 01603 787111

Stop press!
As promised, we can now announce that Northwold has been awarded runner up in the over 900 section of the Village of the year 2004. The awards are on 3rd Sept., and Brenda Ayres & Pat Coles will be attending. More in the next WI report. Pat Coles

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